Eden small grouPS // INSIDE CIRCLES

     Inside Circles will aim to stay between 3-5 young adults, sized to allow for realest conversation possible. The goal for each Inside Circle is to meet once a week with the honest intention of having meaningful spiritual conversation. There won't be guided small group questions, there won't be any leaders. This is simply set aside time each week to get together and discuss what God is doing in your life: what He is teaching you, how you are growing, a time to be honest with people you trust to share the struggles you are facing, get accountability, prayer, and encouragement. 

     We're keeping scheduling flex, so once you have a group, link up your schedules and meet whenever you can! It can be any day of the week, any time - maybe over some coffee or food, at the beach or in someone's home - whatever works for you and your group! If you have a group similar to this already in motion, we would still love for everyone to sign up. Although these groups will not be leader-led, we still want to know who is getting together so we can keep you in our prayers, connect with you to see how things are going, etc. If you do not have a group like this already, we will connect you with a group as soon as possible! 

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